Case Study

Positive Education New Zealand Conference

100% Project
Dr Lucy Hone, Gemma McCaw, John Quinn & Maree Bowden
Since 2017
Christchurch, New Zealand

When we heard Dr Lucy Hone’s vision for a conference on wellbeing in education, we just knew we had to be involved. 

For the inaugural event in 2017, Lucy and her colleagues at the 100% Project — John Quinn, Maree Bowden and Gemma McCaw — provided the programme and content direction while CI provided guidance and support to bring their vision to life.  


CI took the lead on logistics, capitalising on our experience and local connections to ensure the conference would align with the committee’s goals. Knowing they could rely on CI to take care of every detail of the organising process meant the 100% Project could focus on their strengths, leveraging their networks and putting together a world-class programme. 

The result? Over 270 educators, policymakers and decision makers from around New Zealand arrived at Christ’s College, Christchurch in early March, ready to hear from leading national and international experts in wellbeing science and education – and some sporting superstars!


“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?”


George Bernard Shaw


“I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for the conference. Your professionalism and expertise was what allowed this event to happen and there is no way we would have pulled this off without you both. What’s more your friendliness and willingness to have a laugh was hugely appreciated.”

– Maree Bowden
100% Project


The conference was a resounding success and is now a regular fixture on the education sector calendar. We love welcoming returning attendees and new additions every year for their annual dose of inspiration!